a semi-intensive breeding model where pregnant cows and mother-and-calves are kept in a cattle yard (breedlot) pre-calving up to weaning and re-conception, for approximately 6 months.

The model emerged after a SISKA-partner - SUJ - wanted to expand their herd but were constrained due to their limited grazing area in their relatively small oil palm plantation. This model has higher operational and feed costs due to the long presence of cattle in the cattle yard. Finding cheap agricultural by-products is key to its commercial viability. The more intensive management (compared to SISKA), especially pre-and post-calving, has considerably increased calving rates (as cows are mated in the yard while still lactating) and reduced calf mortality supporting good weaning rates.

Preliminary conclusion on the breeding model:

  • Pregnant cows and mother-and-calves are kept in cattle yard/breedlot pre-calving to weaning
  • Better conception and calving rates compared to SISKA
  • Reduced calf mortality through more intensive management
  • Increased weaning rates
  • High operational and feed cost due to the semi-continuously presence in the cattle yard
  • Feeder live-weight production cost exceeds cost of imported feeders

IACCB is testing these propositions in below location: