Cahaya Abadi Petani (CAP)

Location :

Desa Sai Jelai, Tanah Laut District in South Kalimantan Province

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IACCB signed a contract with PT Cahaya Abadi Petani (CAP) on 3 July 2017. PT CAP is well resourced with finance and land in a partnership involving local farmers, local schools and a dedicated and respected farmer support institution.

Organization PT Cahaya Abadi Petani, a member of National Secretariat of Badan Usaha Milik Petani (Farmers’ Own Company)
Year of establishment 2016
Affiliation PT CAP is the business section of an education foundation which is aiming to achieve financial independence to ensure longevity of the organization and its ability to provide quality education to the low income rural communities of South Kalimantan.
Core Business Rubber, Oil-palm fruit (OPF) production and maize.
Business Size 100 ha of rubber, 35 ha of oil-palm, 30 ha of maize and > 300 ha pasture and forage crops for cattle grazing

CAP was formed in 2016 by local farmers and an education institution. CAP then joined BUMP to strengthen its structure and processes. BUMP supports farmer groups and has national visibility and credibility with major educational and financial institutions. CAP is well financed with cash flow from oil palms, rubber and corn crops and has provided  300 hectares of grasslands for the project.

In 2017 IACCB commenced a partnership with BUMP via the building of infrastructure, including yards, fencing and water delivery, and provided 100 empty Australian heifers and 8 bulls. CAP can potentially carry 300 breeders with IACCB assistance with a particular focus on pastures, feed, and cattle management. IACCB is presently working with BUMP on a rotational grazing plan, the establishment of grass and legume pastures, fencing; and a professional management culture.