Koperasi Produksi Ternak - Maju Sejahtera (KPT-MS)

Location :

Tanjung Sari Sub-district, Lampung Selatan District, Lampung province

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IACCB signed a contract with Koperasi Produksi Ternak (KPT) Maju Sejahtera on 24 April 2017 to manage IACCB cattle intensively using a breedlot, cut-and-carry model.

Organization Koperasi Produksi Ternak (KPT) Maju Sejahtera
Year of establishment 2016
Core Activities Breeding business with revenue sharing scheme, cattle procurement and trading, feed production and sales, cattle loans and sale of cattle waste products.
Organization Size 38 farmer groups with >500 members, own 20 local heifers (grant from GoI)
Website www.tokosapipo.com

KPT began as a SPR group, with the funding from Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) aiming to empower smallholders groups to own and collectively manage a breeding cattle enterprise. With strong support from local government, KPT started with 38 farmer groups managing 20 young local heifers in a cut and carry breedlot.

Within 2015 to 2016, the group formed a koperasi (cooperation that serves farmers) in an effort to be independent from the government and started to target investors who wanted to breed cattle.

In 2017 IACCB was approached by the MoA to work with KPT as a partner. IACCB agreed as they saw a project that was well financed, located, and structured and with very strong commitment from the farmers and support from the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2016, yards were built from farmer funds and IACCB delivered 100% pregnant heifers and 5 bulls to test the impact on cash flow. 90% of the heifers calved, weaning has commenced, and calf mortalities are <5%. A second cattle yard funded by GoI is available to receive the weaners. However, this rapid growth bought challenges related to group structure, planning, administration, and finance, and sourcing a feed supply for a rapidly growing herd, issues which IACCB is now working on.

IACCB also improved introduced a calf nursery and creep feeders, and introduced weaning at 3 months.

Farmer leadership and capacity have improved and calf mortalities are <5%, and calf growth rates are promising.

IACCB and KPT is now planning for a rapidly growing herd with additional yards for weaners, improved administration systems and capabilities, establishing an efficient feed mixing and distribution system and returning the cows to pregnancy as soon as possible.