Promotion to Industry and Government - September 2020

The promotion strategy of IACCB is ensuring that stakeholders in the cattle breeding industry have access to information and factual evidence from IACCB and partners that supports the industry to make decisions for expansion through implementing breeding models as assessed by IACCB.

Given the uptake of SISKA by government it also includes working with the plantation sector and government officials handling the plantation sector to convey information on opportunities and challenges expanding SISKA in Indonesia.

The Integrated Cattle and Oil Palm System - a plantation perspective attracted key-note speakers from the Ministry of Agriculture - Mr I Ketut Diarmita, DG Livestock and Animal Health, and Mr Kasdi Subagyono, DG Plantations. The webinar was well-attended with 191 male and 156 female participants from national and sub-national government, the cattle and oil-palm industry, and universities.

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Information Dissemination and Promotional Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced IACCB to adapt its promotional activities by interacting with industry, government officials and other interested parties through a series of webinars. The running of conventional promotional avenues, such as conferences, would reach a much less diverse audience, and are much less cost effective.

Continuing the webinar series of the previous quarter, IACCB reached another 1,859 participants (46% women) through 8 webinars.

  • Three webinars were organised in collaboration with BKB and one with the Ministry of Agriculture. Information about additional webinars are detailed below. Coverage and materials can be downloaded through the links provided. Options for Young People to Start a Cattle Breeding Business – 166 male and 136 female participants (22 July 2020). For materials click and for link to the recorded video check YouTube 
  • Cattle Rearing in Palm Plantations and Ex-Mining Areas – 54 male and 44 female participants (5 August 2020). For the materials click and YouTube: 
  • Digital Recording for Livestock Enterprises and Insurances –58 male and 48 female participants (31 August 2020)
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Beef Cattle Business for Gen Z – 273 male and 224 female participants (2 September 2020). For the materials click 


Technical Guidance

Over the last 3 months IACCB has been offering IACCB expert staff to provide support to new enterprises or government agencies. New enterprises in North Sumatra, West Java and Palembang were provided with technical and modelling advice. 

IACCB has shared its modelling for smaller herds of 20 and 50 cattle to MoA cq the Director Production in the DG Livestock. Next quarter these models will be discussed with the ministry.

A new version of CALPROS V2 is now available and IACCB is offering free training in both CALFIN (Financial Modelling) and CALPROS (Herd Performance Monitoring) to interested parties who want to improve their herd monitoring skills. On September 23-24, 2020 IACCB introduced the investor tools - CALFIN and CALPROS, to 14 staff of the Directorate Food and Agriculture, BAPPENAS. The introduction included the sharing of knowledge in the cattle breeding business cycle, its key business and productivity parameters, technical operations of IACCB assessed cattle breeding models as well as the objective and usage of CALFIN and CALPROS. Pak Noor Avinato, Sp - Kasubdit Peternakan - BAPPENAS really appreciated IACCB’s work and its contribution including in the development of the investor tools which enables the new investor to do financial modelling and monitor herd performance. 

IACCB has produced four dual language videos available on Youtube and the IACCB and Partnership websites. The videos together with the manual and tools are currently being used by government and private agencies for cattle breeding educational activities.

The updated IACCB tools, CALFIN, CALPROS and CALPROF and our Cattle Breeding Manual are available, free of charge, from the IACCB website -

To access/ download the tools CALFIN, CALPROS, and CALPROF please click here.

To access the Cattle Breeding Manual in English or Bahasa Indonesia, please click here


Skills Development During (and after) the Pandemic

One component of the IACCB sustainability strategy focuses on providing partners with the necessary information so that they may continue to service the livestock sector once the program is completed. The aim is to enable partners to provide quality support to interested parties in the future and ensure that interested public and private sector stakeholders are given the opportunity to build knowledge and skills to continue expanding cattle breeding. 

IACCB is actively working with its partners to establish industry led training and curriculum to support the SISKA Center of Excellence Training Center in South Kalimantan.

IACCB is also supporting several partners who have P4S-status to improve their capacity and capacity building approach, ensuring knowledge, skills and experience from the past 4-years of collaboration continue to be shared with farmer cooperatives and government extensionists, as well as students. IACCB and Gita Pertiwi, a non-profit consultancy company, has provided support to two P4S partners in Lampung and Central Kalimantan who possess an updated capacity development strategy and curriculum. Training in CALFIN has been provided to Gita Pertiwi, an Indonesian small-and-medium enterprise management consulting foundation, who is now able to provide CALFIN training to other stakeholders.