National Recognition for the Lampung Cooperative KPT-MS

KPT-MS has been named Livestock Food Security Ambassador by the Bank of Indonesia and Lampung Provincial Government in recognition of its achievement in expanding their BX cattle breeding business and acting as a learning point for interested farmer cooperatives. Additional value was gained from the expansion of their business into meat processing, producing beef floss, as well as their government recognition as P4S.

The Ministry of Agriculture has selected KPT-MS as one of just 5 sites in Indonesia to establish pilots in cattle breeding and fattening under the ‘1000 cattle villages’ program. The program is addressing priorities under the Medium-term National Development Strategy (RPJMN) and is part of the Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Plan 2020-2024. Under this program, announced by the Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo, KPT-MS will potentially be given the responsibility of managing 500 breeders and 500 feeders in South Lampung. MoA will provide locally bred cattle and some investment support to start the program. IACCB has been supporting KPT-MS through financial modelling and addressing technical issues to prepare for implementation.

The Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises and the Director of the Revolving Fund Management Institute visited KPT-MS to receive lessons learned as part of the Ministry’s efforts to expand the livestock sector. KPT-MS was offered a loan of AUD 200,000 to further expand their cattle breeding business. This loan may go towards supporting the above mentioned ‘1000 cattle villages’ program.