Pandemic not stopping Buana Karya Bhakti's SISKA Training Center Activities

PT Buana Karya Bhakti are dedicated to disseminating and distributing their SISKA knowledge to interested public-private sector stakeholders through on-line discussions and webinars.

In collaboration with IACCB, a series of webinars and workshops will take place between now and December 2020.

1. Webinars - These events are held by BKB and IACCB in collaboration with private companies and research institutes and provide information on specified technical issues of interest to investors and operators of cattle breeding centres and include the sharing of knowledge on technological innovations in the sector.

WEB01 Portable solar fence for control of cow colony’s in palm oil plantations. Webinar partner: Gallagher Pty Ltd. 5 Augustus 2020
WEB02 Mineral supplementation to maintain weaner performance in cattle breeding in oil palm plantations. Webinar partner: Alltech Mineral Management. 9 September 2020
WEB03 Feed Technology. Bio conservation and utilisation of palm fronds as a source of feed in palm-cow integration systems. 14 October 2020
WEB04 Animal welfare. Cattle handling and animal health control of cattle herds. 10 December 2020


2. Workshops - Monthly on-line events, offering the opportunity for discussion regarding SISKA management strategies. Key-note speakers include practitioners in SISKA, industry representatives, academics as well as government officials.

WOR01 Brahman Cross cattle rearing strategy in oil palm plantations. Workshop partners:  Meat and Livestock Australia and the Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development (ICARD) 26 August 2020
WOR02 Pasture management: how to manage understory of palm plantation as a pasture for cattle grazing. 28 October 2020
WOR03 KPI analysis and productivity: business feasibility analysis and the benefits of palm-cow integration systems. 26 November 2020
WOR04 Human resources and management synergy: capacity building of stockman’s skills and synchronisation activities between plantation and livestock activities. 29 December 2020