Lampung Provincial Focus Group Discussion

Discovering mutually beneficial BX Cattle Breeding Partnership Models

Left to right: Sugiono - Director of Livestock Breeding and Production, DG Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture; Wisnu Sudibjo - Deputy Chairman for Investment Cooperation BKPM; Taufik Hidayat - Lampung Provincial Government; Lili Mawarti - Livestock and Animal Health Office Lampung Province; Paul Boon - IACCB; Seafudin - LPDB; Soegeng Prapto - PT JASINDO Lampung Province


IACCB, in collaboration with the Lampung Provincial Livestock Agency, held a Focus Group Discussion – on mutual beneficial partnership BX cattle breeding models. The workshop attracted much attention from national, Lampung provincial and district levels, with 50 participants attending. Participants included 8 feedlots managers, farmer group leaders, livestock agency representatives from 8 districts, as well as provincial livestock leadership. The appetite for cattle breeding in general and BX cattle breeding more specifically is low and it is hoped that documentation and analysis of the partnership models between smallholders and feedlots, smallholders and government and others expand awareness on commercially viable breeding partnership models. The lessons and recommendations will enrich the Ministry of Agriculture knowledge base for future policy decisions.