Marketing Strategies of IACCB Partners

The original cattle herds of our partners, totalling 1,429 cattle (1,315 female and 114 male), have produced a substantial number of calves totalling 2,059.

SISKA partners (Buana Karya Bhakti – BKB, Kalteng Andinipalma Lestari – KAL, Superindo Utama Jaya - SUJ) are retaining a significant number of their progeny. Small-holders such as Koperasi Produksi Ternak (KPT) and Sentra Peternakan Rakyat (SPR), who needed quick cash-flow, sold more of their progeny. CAP and P4S, who started their business more recently, are yet to sell their year 1 progeny.

The following graph shows progeny status at the end of January 2020.

Graph 1: Progeny status

SISKA partners have on average sold 15% (between 0% and 29%) of their male progeny for the lucrative Qurban market, after growing them to feeder or slaughter size. Several partners have achieved a 50% Qurban premium compared to normal market prices. Their best heifers (females) have been retained, following IACCB training on productive heifer selection criteria.

Our small-holder partners have tended to sell both male and female off-spring much faster than our SISKA partners. Heifer calves are often sold to other members of the cooperative or to individual farmers in the neighbourhood, providing an opportunity for more farmers to start their own BX cattle breeding enterprise.