Minister of Agriculture endorses SISKA expansion

National government and research institute interest in SISKA is at an all-time high. IACCB and our partners have presented SISKA results to the MOA on numerous occasions over the last 3 months, and recently staff from the MoA Directorate Feed and the Directorate Processing and Marketing Livestock Products visited BKB.

The new Indonesian minister for agriculture, has recently established SISKA expansion as one of his four strategic priorities, with the view to supporting beef self-sufficiency in Indonesia.  In addition to urging local government and state-owned companies to expand the use of artificial insemination and expand their local cattle industry, the minister is encouraging the application of the SISKA-model, from the current 0.90% of oil palm plantations to 20%. Several Local Governments have followed suit. For example, Bangka-Belitung Governor, through Governor regulation No. 43/2019, is now also actively supporting SISKA as a means to increase local cattle populations.

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