Cut and carry smallholder group

Almost all breeding cattle in Indonesia are owned by individual farmers with very small herds.

IACCB works with farmer cooperatives which collectively own and manage cattle and facilities. This breeding system involves small farmers cutting forage from their own land and carrying it to a breedlot, where mating, calving and growing occur.

IACCB selected 2 farmer Cooperatives:

These projects differ in terms of location, cooperative structure and financial capacity offering valuable lessons for achieving commercial sustainability.

The two Smallholder Cut and Carry partners have sustained good cattle conception rates in their second year of operation.The significant variance between the two sites (see following graph) is predominantly linked to the better BCS-performance in Lampung (KPT) due to better feed rations for both green fodder quantity and quality, as well as availability of concentrate.

Conception Rate in Cut & Carry Model Year-I and Year-II
Limiting factors with the small-holder groups include low organisational strength and governance, and limited financial resources for establishing and maintaining breeding models, due to the fact that an expected cash-flow positive balance only occurs in the third or fourth year.