Cut and carry smallholder group

Almost all breeding cattle in Indonesia are owned by individual farmers with very small herds.

IACCB works with farmer cooperatives which collectively own and manage cattle and facilities. This breeding system involves small farmers cutting forage from their own land and carrying it to a breedlot, where mating, calving and growing occur.

IACCB selected 2 farmer Cooperatives:

These projects differ in terms of location, cooperative structure and financial capacity offering valuable lessons for achieving commercial sustainability.

Hand-Over of BX Cattle to Two Successful Cut-and-Carry Small-holders.

It is common knowledge that BX Cattle Breeding is challenging at small-holder level especially communally managed commercial size enterprises. The IACCB partners, over 2.5 years, have proven that KPIs as conception, calving and weaning rates as well as cost of gain can be promising if enterprise are well-managed. Nevertheless, commercial viability is challenged by the long return-on-investment period, cash-flow demands, especially to support cattle during the long dry season, and the cohesiveness of the farmer groups that require leadership and transparent management. Learning from IACCB shows that with sufficient support, challenges can be overcome by the farmers.

However, without government or private sector support, commercial viability would be jeopardized.

Koperasi Petani Ternak Maju Sejahtera in South Lampung has proven to be a successful IACCB-partner through achieving excellent key-performance indicators in their BX cattle breeding efforts. They have produced 215 calves within a 2.5-year period out of an original herd of 100 cows. Recent pregnancy tests indicate that an estimated 257 calves will be born within a 3-year period.

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Sentra Peternakan Rakyat Mega Jaya in Bojonegoro (East Java). During his recent visit to SPR-MJ, Mr. Sugiono, Director Breeding and Livestock Production in the DG Livestock and Animal Health in MoA, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between IACCB and the Bojonegoro District Livestock Agency in support of Government of Indonesia’s efforts to increase cattle breeding herd.  The Livestock Agency is replicating the farmer group strengthening approach, introduced by IACCB and its partner Gita Pertiwi, to 5 other Sentra Peternakan Rakyat. Read more here

P4S in Central Kalimantan, the third cut-and-carry partner, is raising the progeny of the 20 pregnant heifers delivered to them in February 2019. All calves have been weaned and 50% of the cows have re-conceived already. Intensive management is provided to ensure quick conception in the other 50% to shorten average calving intervals of the herd. The enterprise is intensively used for internship of vocational school students from different areas in Central Kalimantan. Read more here