Cut and carry smallholder group

Almost all breeding cattle in Indonesia are owned by individual farmers with very small herds.

IACCB works with farmer cooperatives which collectively own and manage cattle and facilities. This breeding system involves small farmers cutting forage from their own land and carrying it to a breedlot, where mating, calving and growing occur.

IACCB selected 2 farmer Cooperatives:

These projects differ in terms of location, cooperative structure and financial capacity offering valuable lessons for achieving commercial sustainability.

Download SOP / Work Instructions for Breeding Cattle in the Stable here

Download Commercial Smallholder Cooperative Breedlot file here

Download the Booklet of Commercial Breeding of Brahman Cross Cattle in Smallholder Group here

IACCB Cut and Carry Breedlot Partner Updates

Koperasi Petani Ternak Maju Sejahtera (KPT-MS) in South Lampung has successfully and profitably completed the first profit-sharing agreement of 20 heifers with the Juang Jaya feedlot. KPT-MS has already received an additional 27 pregnant heifers under the same profit-sharing agreement. PT Juang Jaya Abdi Alam selected the BX cattle breeding unit of KPT as the best-performing small-holder partner and is actively promoting them to other interested cooperatives.  

KPT-MS is planning their third “Brahman Cross Grower Auction” to sell their 2019 progeny. Auctions have proven to result in premium prices for the growers as it attracts private sector customers from feedlots and farmer cooperatives, as well as individual breeders.

Sentra Peternakan Rakyat Mega Jaya in Bojonegoro (SPR-MJ), East Java, is recognising the challenges of running a communal commercial-size BX cattle herd within their mixed traditional farms. During this period, they downscaled the enterprise to about 30 head, all of them pregnant, which proved positive for the interested buyer. IACCB is supporting them to reduce herd numbers as part of their strategy to switch to local and other crossbreeds possessing Limousine or Simmental blood which are more easily traded on the local market and fetch better prices than BX cattle.

P4S Karya Baru Mandiri in Central Kalimantan is benefiting from the Covid-19 pandemic as more people are getting involved in horticultural and agricultural activities which provides for an increased demand in compost. Between July and September, P4S sold 27 tons of compost at a price of IDR 1,000 – 1,500/kg.
Internships of vocational high school students have resumed after being put on hold for 4 months due to COVID-19. 61 students (of which 18 are female) from different vocational schools including SMK 2 Arut Selatan, SMK Muhammadiyah, SMK Pangkalan Banteng and SMK Kumai are undergoing an internship for 3 months.
Of the original 20 heifers, 2 have been sold and14 have given birth for the second time. Total herd is 46 head, consisting of 18 cows, 1 bull, 9 calves, 5 weaners and 13 growers