Open Grazing

Open-grazing is a model in which cattle directly graze native and improved pastures in the field.

Much of the land in Sulawesi and East Indonesia is ideal for this system.

Opportunities to establish projects in these regions were somewhat limited, due to difficulty of delivery of Australian cattle to the sites. However, two IACCB partners were selected. They are:

Open Grazing - Partner Updates

Badan Usaha Milik Petani PT Cahaya Abadi Petani (PT CAP) in South Kalimantan, has recently found a niche Qurban market for several of its young Brahman Cross cattle and sold 8 male feeder cattle averaging 230 kg receiving IDR 116,000,000 or an average of IDR 63,000/kg liveweight. The age and the weight of the feeders was attractive to the buyer given the approaching Qurban market provides premium prices.