Open Grazing

Open-grazing is a model in which cattle directly graze native and improved pastures in the field.

Much of the land in Sulawesi and East Indonesia is ideal for this system.

Opportunities to establish projects in these regions were somewhat limited, due to difficulty of delivery of Australian cattle to the sites. However, two IACCB partners were selected. They are:

The video is showing the start of the partnership between IACCB, BUMP and CAP in 2017


Open Grazing Ranch Attracts Government and Bank Attention

Several government agencies, attracted by the successful cattle breeding operations of PT CAP, are expanding their support. They want PT CAP to become an on-site training opportunity for local farmers and a way to convince financial institutions of the commercial viability and opportunities in the cattle sector. Collaboration achieved so far with:

  • MoA - Balai Besar Pelatihan Pertanian Binuang, South Kalimantan, is supporting PT CAP with training facilities and equipment and linking them with several Vocational Agricultural High Schools (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Pertanian) to enable internship of students preparing them for future employment in the sector.
  • MoA - Agency for Agricultural Research and Development specifically Lolitsapi (Beef Cattle Research location), provided PT CAP with 10 selected Peranakan Onggole Bulls to ensure higher conception rates and enable PT CAP to support farmer groups in the surroundings to improve the genetics of their herd.
  • Bank Negara Indonesia is providing PT CAP with a loan to initiate trading of live cattle supporting the sustainable provision of meat in Tanah Laut Regency, a government goal. It is estimated that the first batch of 500 slaughter cattle from NTT will arrive in December. Click here for the news on BUMP-BNI MoU on this collaboration. 

After lobbying by BUMP (Badan Usaha Milik Petani) supporting PT CAP, the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs launched the “KUR Peternakan Rakyat dan Implementasi Keuangan Inklusif  Mendukung Kemandirian Ekonomi” - Credit for People’s Cattle Business and Implementation of Inclusive Financing supporting Economic Sustainability -  at the Islamic Boarding School Ushuluddin, the umbrella Foundation of PT CAP. The KUR Scheme provides easier access to capital in the livestock sector, a core challenge for smallholder farmers. Fifty farmers have been identified by CAP to receive loans of up to IDR 25 million. Loans for cattle fattening have been provided, with loans for trading and breeding still being negotiated. Read further here.