Latest Regulation on Livestock Import

On 2 May 2016, Indonesia’s Minister of Agriculture has signed the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture No.16/Permentan/PK.440/5/2016 on Large Ruminant Import to Indonesia. The new regulation is to simplify the import process. With this new regulati..

Distribution of Heifers and Bulls

IACCBP expects that 2,000 head of heifers and 100 head of bulls will have been distributed. A tender process has commenced to find suppliers who are able to provide the productive heifers and bulls from Australia. The bidding will be conducted openly and ..

Proposals and prospective partners

The IACCB Team, has received 12 (to date) partnership proposals from various parties including large private companies, a State-Owned Enterprise, several Sentra Peternakan Rakyat (smallholder groups), and NGOs. From these proposals, a number of site visit..