Open grazing – High Level Performance at Low Cost

The Open Grazing model is, as expected, proving to be a great success with the high level of performance at close to lowest cost.

IACCB has one partner (PT Cahava Abadi Petani - CAP) operating this model, which involves operating 'breedlots'—the grazing of cattle on improved pastures and forage crops combined with intensive breeding operations in cattle yards. This model has great potential as much of the land in East Indonesia is ideal for this system.
After one-and-a-half years grazing cattle on previously unproductive land, benefits have been realised in terms of reduction of weeds and optimizing land use. CAP has intensified planting of green fodder (king grass, corn and sorghum) and installed some permanent fencing around the cattle yard. Neighbouring farmers are now offering their land to be grazed by the cattle, which provides them with cheap weed control and additional fertilizer. This expanded grazing area resulted in improved BCSs after a drop during the 2018 dry season that continued until January 2019.