To be profitable and sustainable, beef breeding operations must achieve certain herd productivity outcomes. Simple management protocols need to be followed and IACCB is developing these based on specific learnings through the projects. These will be made available to all interested parties. If you are interested please register here.

Following is what we have developed to date. This section will be updated as lessons learnt are validated.


Best Practice Guide for the Transport of Cattle in Indonesia
  • Best Practice Guide
    Pedoman Praktik Terbaik

    The Best practice guide for the transport of cattle in Indonesia is a publication of the Indonesia Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector (the Partnership).  The purpose of this guide is to illustrate best practices for handling cattle during transport and in the design and construction of transportation facilities. The guide covers livestock transport on land and at sea in Indonesia, from sourcing cattle through to discharge at their final destination. The guide focuses on and is relevant to both local and imported breeder or slaughter cattle and applies wherever transport may occur within Indonesia throughout the supply chain from ports through to farms, feedlots and abattoirs and everywhere in between.