Planning Tools

  • CALFIN (Cow-calf Operations Financial Model)

    IACCB developed CALFIN as an enterprise level financial model to support cattle breeding investors in their decision making. The Microsoft Excel-based model will be valuable for oil palm companies, feedlotters, breedlotters and smallholder groups as well as banks, financial institutions, donor and government agencies. The model has considerable flexibility in its parameters, covering investment costs, the breeding system used, herd size and performance, operational and feed costs, and all production and marketing parameters. There are two versions of the model: 1) a static version, that uses standard input variables across the entire prediction cycle; and 2) a dynamic version, for which variables can be changed for each year.

    The spreadsheet provides the minimum level of complexity required to undertake an informed assessment of commercial viability. It determines production over a 10-year period to generate a series of reports including: cash flow, net present value, internal rate of return, return on investment and payback period.

    Default Data is also included based on IACCB’s experience to date, allowing users to get started without possessing their own data for some or all parameters

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