Monitoring Tools

  • CALPROS (Cow-calf Operations Productivity Spreadsheet)

    IACCB develops CALPROS as a tool for businesses in cattle breeding businesses to monitor the productivity of brood breeds that are kept and their derivatives. CALPROS spreadsheets is based on Microsoft Excel that can be used by new actors in the small-scale cattle breeding industry.

  • CALPROF (Cow-calf Operations Software)

    IACCB develops CALPROF as a robust cattle herd management software - - for Indonesian Cattle Breeders that support day-to-day cattle operations, specifically breeding, fattening, and feeding., The software has integrated features that manage productivity (e.g. pregnancy tests, weighing, calving) linked to a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader, financial (e.g. feed costs, cashflow), and operational data (e.g. shipments, procurement, feed intake and nutrition, concentrate formulation and production, animal health, cattle movement). The software also generates reports that could support cattle breeders to monitor and evaluate their business performance.