It is funded for 3 years and scheduled to end Jan 2019.

a. Your company must have a transparent business plan and breeding model that has a reasonable chance of success, and which can be scaled up / expanded;
b. Be in a location that allows for a reasonable chance of success, through access to feed, to a market, and technical support;
c. Be able to show commitment at the highest levels, be well resourced, and have the capability to co-invest in the project. Examples of capability include sufficient land to start up quickly, and scale up, the ability to purchase breeding heifers and bulls, build cattle-handling facilities, and purchase other necessary infrastructure to manage a sizeable cattle herd;
d. A willingness to share data, information and lessons learnt with IACCB and ultimately other interested investors to ensure successful pilots can be replicated and taken to scale; and
e. Willingness to sign a Partnership Agreement with IACCB, and follow the rules of engagement, which will include the need to manage the cattle in accordance with international animal welfare standards, provide every means possible to ensure pilot success, and follow the monitoring and evaluation plan stipulated by the IACCB team.

a. This will be dependent on your firms specific needs, what your firm is willing and capable of providing, and the program budget.
b. Support could include productive Australian heifers and an appropriate number of Australian bulls, provision of equipment such as head bales, electric fencing materials, veterinary and husbandry tools; and managerial and technical support covering all aspects of your breeding business.

a. You will first need to complete an Application form.
b. This will inform us if your firm can proceed to the next step which will entail a visit to the proposed Pilot location to gather detailed information on your operations and the proposed business model.
c. If your firm subsequently meets all IACCB criteria, representatives from IACCB and your firm will develop a Work Plan and a signed Partnership Agreement. Both set out respective implementation responsibilities and obligations.
d. Soon thereafter the Pilot can commence.

Yes, if the Pilot is deemed to be commercially viable. However, if, after 18 months, the Pilot is deemed to be not commercially viable, or if the Partnership Agreement is not adhered to, then the Pilot can be stopped, and inputs including cattle may be removed from the pilot site.

Practicalities dictate that the Program will primarily be in Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan, but we will consider other locations.

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